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Attack from Within

As the US eliminates top-tier terrorists in the heart of the Middle East, Iran plots retaliation, leveraging American Hezbollah operatives to unleash an insidious Attack from Within. Collaborating with a ruthless, narcotics-fueled Lebanese gang from Dearborn, Michigan, they brew a recipe for catastrophe. 


On leave from the Navy, Sarah “Danger” Freeman and her boyfriend, Jessie Hampton, both carrier pilots, have finally decided to tie the knot until they find themselves in the middle of an international terrorist plot.


Retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant Harley Jennings, now a terrorist expert with the FBI, traded in his tank for a Ford. With his Lebanese partner, they lead the fight against those who threaten the US.

From terrorist camps in Iran to the streets of America to the halls of power in the Middle East and Washington, this suspenseful page-turner takes the fight against terrorism right to the heart of this nation. 

Attack from Within

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