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Gangsters and Cops: Prohibition, Corruption, and LAPD's Scandalous Coming of Age


"Superbly researched and written…a must read book"

            -Blair M. Gluba, retired federal agent with NCIS

"A carefully researched and well-constructed chronicle to reform and professionalize Los Angeles' police force...A skillful narrative...Gangsters and Cops dramatically recounts some of the major events in the history of LA's early twentieth century underworld."

           -Patrick Jenning, author of The Long Winding Road of Harry Raymond: A Detective's Journey Down the Mean Streets of Los Angeles

"Gangsters and Cops reads like a novel, yet is a deep dive into the development of LAPD from the very beginning."

         -Mike Pipes, Bossier City, Louisiana


It was a battle to control an emerging Los Angeles, fought by gangsters, pimps, vice lords, crooked politicians, and cops. As in a war-ravaged city, bodies dotted the town like discarded trash.


For five decades, Los Angeles was a city overtaken by greed, ranging from the mayor's office to the gangster's and vice lords' passion for adding to their empires. Standing in their way was LAPD. While some chiefs went for the easy money, others stood their ground and fought back.


Fueling the situation was Prohibition, that made criminals out of half the population. Underlying this was the Great Depression, which stole the soles of Americans. Struggling against these conditions were a handful of chiefs that would make a difference. Read about these confrontations and how they transformed the LAPD from a corrupt department into one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the world


From the best selling author of Guardians of Angles: A History of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Gangsters and Cops: Prohibition, Corruption, and LAPD's Scandalous Coming of Age

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