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Unsolved Cold-Case Homicides of Law Enforcement Officers

​​Ripped from today’s headlines, Unsolved is the first ever book to examine the sacrifices made by American’s heroic law enforcement officers who were murdered while their killers escaped justice­. Left behind are devastated loved ones and a law enforcement agency hunting down the assassins. Building on years of comprehensive nationwide research, Bultema, a former LAPD cop, puts a story behind some of the names etched on police monuments across this country. 

​Filled with fascinating, yet stark revelations down through the decades, this book brings the reader to the nightmare that haunts all cops ... the brutal murder of one of their own that has gone "Unsolved."
Tom Lange - Detective
LAPD – Retired
Within this masterpiece of historical account, we learn how law enforcement have paid the price with their lives. Most important of all, Unsolved has one overriding message: We must never forget. We must honor their sacrifice. And we must be relentless in the pursuit of truth and justice. The fallen and their families deserve it. Excellent book!
Victoria M. Newman, President of How2LoveYourCop
Author of A CHiP on my Shoulder and A Marriage in Progress
If this book causes one agency to reopen unsolved murder cases it will be worth the effort that James Bultema put into writing his book. An Excellent book which could be very important for many law enforcement families across the nation.
Michael Hulsey
Former LAPD & Oregon Cold Case Detective
 A police officer's death in the line of duty is the ultimate sacrifice. These tragic losses are compounded in those cases wherein the officer's killer is not caught and brought to justice. Unsolved masterfully details 92 of these cases. 
John Samson, Retired Sergeant St. Louis County, Mo. Police Department 

Unsolved Cold-Case Homicides of Law Enforcement Officers

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