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Attack From Within

"5 out of 5 Stars"


As the US eliminates top-tier terrorists in the heart of the Middle East, Iran plots retaliation, leveraging American Hezbollah operatives to unleash an insidious Attack from Within. Collaborating with a ruthless, narcotics-fueled Lebanese gang from Dearborn, Michigan, they brew a recipe for catastrophe.

On leave from the Navy, Sarah “Danger” Freeman and her boyfriend, Jessie Hampton, both carrier pilots, have finally decided to tie the knot until they find themselves in the middle of an international terrorist plot.

Retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant Harley Jennings, now a terrorist expert with the FBI, traded in his tank for a Ford. With his Lebanese partner, they lead the fight against those who threaten the US.

From terrorist camps in Iran to the streets of America to the halls of power in the Middle East and Washington, this suspenseful page-turner takes the fight against terrorism right to the heart of this nation.


“Attack From Within is a gripping and intense novel that follows a group of FBI agents as they engage in a high-stakes battle against a powerful Islamic terrorist group, Hezbollah. Written by renowned author James Bultema, this book takes readers on a thrilling journey through the dangerous world of counterterrorism…This book is filled with pulse-pounding action sequences. The tension is palpable as the agents race against the clock to prevent the terrorists from carrying out their deadly plans. Bultema's writing is fast-paced and immersive, drawing readers in with vivid descriptions of the action and a cast of compelling characters who leap off the page. 5 out of 5 stars.”


“A thrilling sequel where the symbol of American freedom is the target…The action is cinematic in scope and savagely real…Immediate and timely, Attack from Within is movie ready with a climax readers will not believe.”  

-Independent Book Review

“A well-plotted military thriller…Bultema’s writing carries the action forward at an engaging pace.” -Booklife


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Debut Novel

“Sea or Red is one of the year’s best military thrillers.”

“This is a book for true military buffs. A military thriller with…high stakes.” -Kirkus Reviews

“High Stakes and well plotted, the military thriller Sea of Red reflects how real soldiers think and act…a gripping military thriller.

-Foreword Clarion

Award Winner 2024 - Independent Press Award

Award Winner 2024 - Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award

Award Winner 2024 - Military Writers Society of America

Award Finalist 2023 -American Fiction Awards

Award Finalist 2023 -

"An adrenaline-fueled military thriller...with fast-paced action and a gripping narrative...a thrilling ride from start to finish...5 out 5 stars." -OnlineBookClub

"Right from the first page, Bultema makes it clear to audiences that this is no ordinary thriller...In this sweeping saga...Strong-willed characters and nonstop action...makes for a battle royale that exhilarates all the way to the end." -US Review of Books

"A thriller that becomes increasingly frenetic with each passing moment...Bultema's military thriller hums with hyperactivity while offering a deep dive into the perilous realm of geopolitics, from grand strategies to ground-level intricacies" -Blueink Review

“Sea of Red is exemplary in production quality and cover design...and will appeal to many readers... This book is exemplary in character appeal (or interest) and development. All main characters (including antagonists) are unique and fully fleshed out with compelling, layered motivations and traits...Sea of Red is exemplary in its voice and writing style...The premise is something out of today's headlines and with the addition of the glossary, and maps will appeal to readers of military and war fiction.” -Writer’s Digest

“Fast paced, fictional novel that gives us a very interesting account of a possible war with China…Bultema is believable, and the strategies used by both China and the United States are realistic. The book is filled with numerous offensive and defensive combat situations that the author describes in detail. The results are not one-sided and had me wondering how he would bring his book to a satisfactory conclusion…recommended to anyone who enjoys a good thriller.”  -Military Writers Society of America

“From depicting underwater submarines and pursuing torpedoes to devastating air assaults, the author does a commendable job of painting an image of a tenuous situation where every decision literally leaves hundreds, if not thousands, of lives hanging in the balance. The frenetic pace of the book matches that of the action… Bultema’s ability to develop characters in such a fast-paced setting is impeccable, and by throwing them into essentially survival-of-the-fittest situations, their true characters come out… Strong-willed characters and nonstop action in the author’s novel make for a battle royale that exhilarates all the way to the end.” -US Review of Books – Highlight Review

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Look for my new book, Red Lines in early 2025.

After a bold attack on a symbol of American freedom by radicalized domestic Hezbollah terrorists, the United States finds itself embroiled in a modern military conflict with Iran. This gripping narrative unfolds in the third installment of the Sea of Red series.




James Bultema is a military combat veteran and a retired twenty-five-year street cop from the Los Angeles Police Department. Having written several non-fiction police books, Bultema breaks away from that historical form and takes the reader on edge-of-your-seat, present-day military thrillers. His debut novel, Sea of Red, is a best seller and has been awarded five prestigious awards. His follow-up, Attack from Within, has just  been released and is a national best seller. Look for Red Lines to be released in early 2025.


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James Bultema

Scottsdale, Arizona 85250  /  Tel. 928.607.1210

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